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Cropped Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Lost from blogsphere in (yes!) long time caused so unavoidable deadline and task. Feel so excited days in these couple week on my workspace guys, i’m sooo happy for lot of project i’ll running by. Ah, for those super busy weeks i’m not in mood of exploring my outfit but trust me dears— it was nothing better than basic white tees and jeans during this unstoppable summer. Then above is my regular looks to avoid sweaty sunshine (plus) you might already notice that i’ve crop my hair (!) No, i’m not mad but if you were here, you must be dare to make a decision just like me, summer have no pardon for everyone here, HOT! Even i love my natural tanned skin. Trust me i just more comfy with my new hairstyle, at least— i don’t need to bring paper fan anywhere, then the air could automaticly blowing surround my head eheheh. But wait! you’re right! I need to cut of my pony? yay? or nay? Have a lovely Monday Rockstars!

Basic tee from Acne, jeans from Aurel Devil labs, shoes from Vans, photo by R

  1. Martha says:

    Love this look…chic, cropped, effortless!


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