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coffee break December 16, 2014

Last weekend i’ve meet my old friend Reza and of course! spending lot of quality time with him at cafe during the rainy day out there.

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Assistant December 8, 2014

Assistant is a fashion magazine about the present, past, but most certainly the future. The assistants of the greatest minds and creatives standing in the background will be without a doubt the stars of tomorrow. Assistant uncovers their world by discovering and inspiring younger generations — and the not so young — who aspire to be a part of the fashion industry.

Assistant features different talents who are carving their own paths, who are next in line to make their mark. Assistant is about the ups and downs of their lives and experiences the and the why, when where and how they got where they are and where they are going.

Emerging from a sleeping industry, Assistant will create waves by forging ahead allowing new talent to express themselves in the contemporary fashion world. Clear the way, a new generation is taking over.

Hope there’s more a like magazine in future, so it will be not always about already top rated, but who’s be the next vibe in this industry! We need something new and fresh, really digging up for this Magz! More at Uh Oh, such an eager interview with the founder on i-D. Enjoy Rockstars! —image via Assistant

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James Franco as Cindy Sherman, “New Film Stills” December 2, 2014


Image via I-D

Why not? He’s not only one of the most surprising and talented actors of his generation but is also a director, scriptwriter and producer always seeking out new means of expression. This could be strengthen his existing in artmosphere as one actor who passionate in art. Lovin’ you more James.

New Film Stills runs until 3rd January at Galerie Cinéma – Anne Dominique Toussaint. 26 rue Saint Claude 75003 Paris.

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Play With Negative Filter November 28, 2014

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At Home: Into Bang Ally Space October 7, 2014

All Photos by my self

Seperti yang gue janjiin di postingan kemaren (iya, lama banget sampai nggak bisa lagi di kategorikan sebagai “kemaren” lagi) akhirnya sekarang gue bisa nepatin janji gue buat ngasih tau dimana sebenernya destinasi gue pas weekend kemaren. Kenalan yuk, sama sahabat lama gue Bang Ally. Demikian beliau biasa di sapa, dan itu berlaku juga buat gue yang jelas-jelas lebih muda dari beliau. Ya! beliau ini memang terkenal ramah, baik, dan yang paling penting, beliau tidak mengenal senioritas. Ini udah keliatan dari pertama gue kenal sama Bang Ally, dimana dia meminta gue yang petakilan ini untuk tidak menyapa beliau dengan prefix “Pak”, “Bapak”, “Pakdhe” “Om” dll. Tidak, tidak sekalipun, karena itu memang bukan style dari seorang Bang Ally.

Nah, sebelumnya gue udah janjian berkali-kali buat berkunjung ke rumah beliau. Namun kemaren weekend itu baru kesampean, padahal sebenernya nggak jauh-jauh amat jarak rumah gue sama rumah Bang Ally. Tapi karena gue maupun Bang Ally ini tipikal orang yang mobilitasnya tinggi ini. Jadi agak-agak susah sesuain jadwalnya, dan begitu udah ketemu jadwalnya, woww,… gue excited banget! Kapan lagi bisa ubek-ubek rumah sesosok Bang Ally kan yak? Let’s GO!

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